does playing golf help lose weight?

I’ve been overweight, sometimes severely, while other times slightly, for the past twelve years.

And i’ve been playing golf for the past seven years, so i think i’m pretty qualified to be discussing this. So following my description, you probably realize that playing golf alone won’t help you lose weight, but if you put some effort into it, it can be great catalyst. In fact, i think most of the golfers i know are not physically fit, because of high involvement of golf carts in transportation around the golf course. I personally prefer to walk around, and have for a while now, but it still hasn’t made me lose weight, until i decided to put some real effort into it. I think losing weight, and generally getting in shape, comes down to you. If within you, you decide to get into good shape and start treating your body responsibly, and have the same realization that i did, you can certainly lose weight no matter what. But there science to it as well.

In order to lose weight by playing golf, you need to commit to walking and get good walking golf shoes for your feet. Walking is very good cardio, and doing good cardios are the best way to trim your fat, but they’re not enough. Your callories input should be significantly less than your output, the energy you burn. And that process forces your body to start burning fats, so it can make up for the lacking energy. Personally, i wasn’t counting calories. I just made sure to walk around a lot, and stick to eating fruits and veggies, as much as i wanted. Giving up the carbs such as bread and other baked goods has really turned the tides for me. Before i couldn’t get my weight to drop, but after a few weeks, i could notice remarkable progress. Golf swing and playng itself is not really an effective way to lose weight, but it can certainly lead to that effect. And having well designed golf clubs, with proper weight disposition, can certainly help in training important muscles of your body.If you truly want to lose weight though, i would recommend going to the gym and running on eliptical machines, and sometimes switch to  stationary bicycles. Both are fantastic machines to burn fat, and i’m saying that based on my experience. I also had some help from the supplements, which are supposedly the catalysts for burning fat, but i doubt they had any real effect. I think hard work and paying attention to what you eat is all it matters when it comes to losing weight.

My new golf club – TaylorMade R15 review

I was a bit hesitant about spending almost three hundred dollars on single golf club, but it’s a driver, so i went along with the purchase. Plus, i have been playing golf for three years at that point, and i have gotten bored with my old, very basic club set. I wanted to try something new, and i allowed myself to make this purchase. Driver can make or break the club set, and choosing wrong driver can ruin your game. My shipment of brand new golf driver arrived three days later, i opened it up and went to try it out on a golf course. Upgrading to using TaylorMade R15 was like learning to fly. I never realized how much my basic club sets held me back until i started using this awesome golf club. And i could never go back, so i started shopping for new putter and iron sets as well, but let’s save that story for another post.

 But new golf driver, or any other clubs for that matter, won’t improve your golf scores, if you don’t know how to swing properly, and other basics. I think the best way to gain perfect mastery of these things, is by actually getting your hands dirty and playing on the course. If you are a beginner, i would recommend getting started with affordable club sets by Callaway.

 I’ve since made a lot of friends on golf course, and got to use a lot of high quality golf clubs over the years. But none of the drivers came close to my R15 driver in terms of quality. And looking at some drivers on the market right now, two hundred dollar price tag doesn’t seem that high anymore. Weight anchoring system on this driver is near to perfection. Certainly better than any other golf drivers i’ve tried during my trials on the golf course. I spend dozens of hours on golf course every month, and investment of two hundred dollars in a club, that can last me three or four years, is totally worth it. It is around fifty dollars of investment in my entertainment per year, which is way less than some people spend on DVDs and going to movies. Yet, some people complain about how expensive golf is. I would rather pay few hundred dollars at once, and be free to play for the rest of the time, than paying up to thousand dollars over the course of the year. Well, you still have to pay for tee time, but those costs are miniscule in comparison to what golf equipment costs. So i guess what i’m trying to say, is, that if you’re looking for a driver, TaylorMade r15 is very good option. It’s good gift for someone who’s been playing golf for a while, and needs replacement for their current driver.