What keeps more women from getting into golf? and how do we encourage them?

Every time i go to play golf, i’m always surprised by disproportionate amount of women and men on the course. I’ve played many other sports, as a kid and as an adult, but none of them are as disbalanced in terms of gender of their players as golf. Although i don’t understand why. It’s certainly not the physical limitation, because golf requires practicing and experience more than raw strength. Plus, it’s a perfect sport to play in groups, so couples or families should be playing it together. But reality is wildly different, and i did a little bit of research to satisfy my curiosity and find out why.

First and biggest reason is probably the peer pressure. Or father pressure for that matter. Fathers who like to play golf usually take their sons with them and buy them all sorts of new golf gear, but same doesn’t apply to the girls. I’ve read some stories on this topic and found out that even if they express interest in playing golf, girls are disregarded by their parents and generally they are not taken seriously. Of course, this does not apply to all men. In my research, if you can call it that, i’ve found a lot of instances of husbands getting their wives into golf and frequently playing together. And i think that’s great for everyone involved – i, personally, could play golf all day if i could. But i have responsibilities and have to find time to be with my wife, so mixing my wife and golf time would be killing two birds with one stone. I am currently in process of getting my wife interested in golf. I’m doing my best, but she just doesn’t find it interesting. I’ve not given up just yet though, which means i haven’t lost.

Another big reason for why women don’t play golf is the amenities. It might sound strange, but if you think about, women spend way more time on maintaining their hygiene than men do. Plus, there are not many toilets on most golf courses, which is kind of okay for guys, but not for women. There are also other minor issues that i won’t get into, but i think i summed up my opinion well.

 Anyway, i think getting girls and young women interested in golf is the best strategy to encourage inclusiveness of women in the sport. Once they find out how interesting and competitive it is, they’ll become the evangelists of golf to their friends and so on. I think that’s the best way to get women into golf, although i don’t think it’s a foolproof plan. 

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